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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Rise To No. 4 In SB Nation Rankings

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No they don't ultimately mean much but they are fun to talk about. The NBA season is now in full swing and that means that the latest additions of weekly power rankings have also begun. With the season just 10 games old, the Atlanta Hawks are a popular pick in the polls this week after impressing writers with victories over Miami and Chicago and coming within an whisper of defeating them twice each.

Atlanta comes in at No. 4 in SB Nation's power rankings for the week trailing only the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder and the Chicago Bulls.

4. Atlanta Hawks 6-3 W: MIA, CHA, CHI; L: CHI, MIA Peachtree Hoops
Wins over Miami and Chicago in the same week? Don't act like you're not impressed.

Atlanta earns a No. 6 ranking in Marc Stein's Power Rankings just narrowly missing out on the top 5. The Hawks trail the Heat, Bulls and Thunder in addition to the Nuggets and the Trail Blazers.

As soon as you figure out the Hawks, let us know. In a roller-coaster week, they looked like defensive juggernauts in monster wins over Miami (in Miami) and Chicago ... and at other times like a dude out of the D-League (Ivan Johnson) was their best player. writer John Schuhmann gives the Hawks their lowest ranking of the week moving them up two spots to No. 9 in's weekly Power Rankings.

Atlanta (6-3)
Pace: 91.8 (24), Off: 102.4 (11), Def: 95.3 (6)
Just nine games into the season, it's already clear that the Hawks will repeat as the Jekyll and Hyde Team of the Year. The last nine days were a roller coaster, but the highs (wins over Miami and Chicago) have been better than the lows (the loss in Houston and the triple-OT loss to the short-handed Heat).

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