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NBA Lockout: Optimism Abounds Following Latest Negotiations

The NBA and the Player's Association met for over five hours on Wednesday as negotiations appear to be picking up steam after a summer of inactivity. While neither side was talking in much detail after the session, it was the Union Chief Billy Hunter's turn to say that there was still time to make a deal that would save all of the NBA season

Full Hunter quote, when asked if enough time to reach deal: "I think there is. I think there clearly is. There's more than enough time."

Negotiations will continue on Thursday with a chance that the two sides could sit down yet again on Friday. It seems as if both sides are now intent on sitting down with each other and hammering out a deal which is refreshing after a summer where neither side looked overly interested. Concessions will have to be made by both sides but now it finally seems as though everyone recognizes that canceling any part of the season is going to carry a heavy price for both sides. 

October 1 has been the date that has been floated around as a deadline for a deal to get done in time to save a complete season. A deal doesn't appear imminent but as long as both sides continue to focus on negotiating then there are multiple reasons to be optimistic.