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2011 Eurobasket: Zaza Pachulia Out For Remainder Of Tournament With Injury

As was originally feared, Zaza Pachulia will be out of action for about a month and will miss the remainder of the Eurobasket Tournament. Pachulia suffered what looked like a lower leg/calf injury during Georgia's loss to Bulgaria. Georgia advanced to the second round of the Eurobasket but will now be hard pressed to replace Pachulia's 13.6 points and 5.3 rebounds per game. 

Depending on the lockout, the injury may or may not hamper Pachulia by the time that NBA training camps open. While there have recently been reports of optimism, a deal doesn't appear imminent although both sides are expected to meet later this week. Training camps are scheduled to open around the first of October. 

Injuries are always unfortunate to any player but it is especially iffy when it concerns an NBA player playing in International competition like the Eurobasket or the Olympics. The good news is that Pachulia's injury doesn't seem to be too serious and should heal itself with time and rest.