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NBA Lockout: Chris Sheridan Says Sides Are Closer To A Deal Than Advertised

Former ESPN NBA writer Chris Sheridan, reports on his new site that the NBA owners and the Player's Association are closer to a deal than either side is advertising.  Sheridan outlines some significant hurdles that must still be crossed but paints a far better picture by looking at the latest proposal from each side. 

I have been saying all along that there is too much to be lost by having a work stoppage that extends into the fall and forces the cancellation of games. And with the NBA coming off a fantastic season in which attendance, ratings and merchandise sales all skyrocketed, there is took much risk of punishing the product to go too far down the bumpy road the owners have chosen to take.

Thus far the biggest hurdle has been getting the two sides to the table for actual negotiations. Those are supposed to reconvene this Wednesday or Thursday and if Sheridan is right, will set off a chain reaction of events that not only could save the season but will set off a frenzy of league activity similar to what the NFL enjoyed after it reached a labor deal. 

At this point it is just speculation but I won't lie and say that it isn't refreshing to read something positive on the subject of the NBA Lockout. We can only hope that Sheridan is as actually plugged in as he thinks he is. I will agree with this sentiment. It is not advantageous to either side to miss any part of the regular season. They may talk about being prepared to miss the season but the damage will be real if that occurs and I am betting that both sides no that.