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Josh Powell Heading To China For Upcoming Season, According To Report

According to a report by Hoopsworld, Atlanta free agent power forward Josh Powell has signed on with Liaoning of the Chinese Basketball Association. The report also states that there is no opt-out clause so Powell will be locked in with his Chinese team for the duration of the season no matter what the outcome of the lockout. 

Forward Josh Powell signed a one-year contract to play with Liaoning of the Chinese Basketball Association.   Powell appeared in 54 games with the Atlanta Hawks last season, averaging 4.2 points and 2.5 rebounds.   He does not have an opt-out clause in his contract, so the 28-year-old Powell cannot return to the NBA when the lockout ends.

Atlanta has quite a few openings on its bench currently and it is not known whether or not they were considering Powell. While his contributions on the court my have been limited, Powell was regarded as a strong locker room presence.