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NBA Lockout: Hardline Owners Ready To Make A Deal, According To A Report

Friday's negotiations came and went without a deal getting done between the NBA Owners and its' Player's Association, but there are signs of optimism. Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that previous hardline owners have come into this weekend's meetings ready to make a deal

From official who's talked w/ people in room: More than one previously hardline owner, including Dan Gilbert, has come wanting to make deal.

SB Nation's Tom Ziller says that optimism is optimism whether it is vague or not.  

Vague good news is better than vague bad news. While reports have varied recently as to whether guys like Robert Sarver were really willing to concede a season to get a preferable deal, Gilbert has always been seen as a staunch hawk on the issues driving the lockout. Having him amenable to compromise and -- joy of joy, basketball! -- would be a great thing, indeed.

Union President Derek Fisher was what I would call careful with his words after the meeting calling the talks 'engaging' but also said that no formal proposals were exchanged by either side. Talks are scheduled to continue throughout the remainder of the weekend. 

If anything it appears that both sides are focused in getting a deal done and that is a good thing. Ken Berger reports that Miami forward Udonis Haslem emerged from the meeting and was 'encouraged' from the discussions. 

Udonis Haslem: "I was very encouraged. ... You can see that everybody really wants to make a deal."

I am not sure that the reports from Friday could have been expected to be any better than what we see here. That certainly sets the stage for the weekend and increases the possibility that a deal can get done.