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Finally: The end of the Hawks Event/Peachtree Hoops saga

<strong>At last.</strong>
At last.

Parts One and Two, if you missed it.

We were ready to play our next game, having been picked up by the team that vanquished us with the help of Bob Bender and Nick Van Exel, but had our two best scorers participating in the final rounds of the 3-point shootout and hotshot competitions, potentially wearing them out while our opponents rested.

Did it impact the game---let's check the tape.

Kris, who had played superbly inside the first game but having now launched 735 three point shots, saw his looks inside fall short. Darryn, who won both the 3 point and hotshot competitions minutes before the game started, looked tired and had to chase around the best scorer on the other team, and didn't have near the impact previously displayed.

The officials also allowed this game to be played, make-it/take-it, which means you had to get a stop on defense before you got the ball back. This aberration in rules was only found out after our game to be wrong, despite the fact that I had asked the officials and "league" administration about it beforehand. (We had played change of possession after baskets in our first game)

Still, despite the odds, we hung tough and was still a point behind late in the game until ultimately falling short again. 

So where was the Anti-Peachtree Hoops bias? Let's count em up and decide for yourself:

1. While other teams were stacked to win, our team had a well-known recently surgically replaced ACL player, one absolute novice, another good shooting but very small player, and Kris Willis.

2. Despite putting up 10 points in the hotshot competition, my name was magically removed from the scoreboard.

3. They played the assistant coaches against our (Un)Dream Team along with the guy who won the 3-point and hotshot competition. And those assistant coaches were blocking the ladies shots and setting back screens.

4. Before the next game, they decided to run Darryn and Kris through the finals of the 3 point shootout.

5. They changed the rules of possession on us---and after the shootout we needed change of possession---in the next game.

So there you have it---it was a magnificent event that went well beyond my own expectations in terms of how we were treated, what was provided, and the total experience.

In all seriousness, Kris and I would like to publicly thank the Atlanta Hawks and their new ownership for having us and everybody out there for this event. It truly was first class and hope that it becomes an annual event.

In case you were demented enough to select Kris or myself on your fantasy teams, the good news is that we weren't bad at all in this, and the "stats" are tallied up at this link.

Also, if you are especially demented, you can see an action photo or two of Kris and a video clip of the event over at this link as well.