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NBA 2K12 Ratings: Atlanta Hawks First Numbers Released

The annual release of 2K Sports NBA 2K series usually is the official mark of the beginning of the NBA season for many fans of the NBA. While the NBA lockout is throwing a monkeywrench into that scenario this year, 2K sports is still going to provide many NBA fans with their basketball fix with the release of NBA 2K12. 

As we are rapidly approaching the Oct 4 release date, some of the players ratings have started to leak out this year with the a key portion of the Hawks roster ratings looking pretty respectable

Here is what is known about the Hawks overall ratings:

Joe Johnson - 84
Josh Smith - 84
Al Horford - 80
Jamal Crawford - 78
Kirk Hinrich - 72

NBA 2K12 has been hampered by the lockout and that is the reason you find free agents like Jamal Crawford still on the Hawks team. None of the rookies from last season's draft will ship with the game but accurate rosters will be added as via download after the season finally does begin. This years game also includes many of the NBA's best from years past where you can relive and recreate some of the greatest moments in NBA History. 

How many 2K12 players are there at Peachtree Hoops? What are you most looking forward to with this year's game?

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