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Peachtree Hoops Site Announcements: Atlanta Hawks Media 4-on-4, Facebook, And Twitter

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As we approach the make or break point of the NBA Lockout, we will be ratcheting up our coverage of the ongoing negotiations. While we are waiting for the Hawks to get back to work, we will also be keeping an eye on the Atlanta Dream and their playoff run. The Dream advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals last weekend by defeating the Connecticut Sun and will take on the Indiana Fever with the series beginning Thursday in Indy.

Also taking place on Thursday is the Atlanta Hawks Media 4-on-4 basketball tournament that will take place at Philips Arena. Jason Walker and myself will be participating in the tournament and there is still time for you guys to get in on the Fantasy Draft. The Hawks have some nice prizes in store for the person who picks out the best team among the many participants. Earlier this week, I answered a series of questions regarding my tournament preparation and what it means to me to participate which is also up at

For your Facebook users out there, we have also added an official Facebook Fan Page for Peachtree Hoops which we are adding content to daily. My plan for this page is to provide everything ranging from relevant NBA and WNBA scores nightly to pictures and media. From time to time we may ask poll questions over there also in an effort to add to the conversation. Currently, we are at the bottom of the SB Nation basketball rankings in terms of likes so please visit the page if you haven't done so and don't forget to click that "like" button.

Peachtree Hoops is also on Twitter and we are always looking to engage with readers of this site so don't be afraid to hit us up and tell us what you think about the site or the Atlanta Hawks in general. We also have been known to mix in a little SEC Football/Basketball commentary from time to time.

Official Peachtree Hoops Twitter - @peachtreehoops

Jason Walker Twitter - @THHB

Kris_Willis Twitter - @Kris_Willis

Hawk Str8Talk Twitter - @hawkstr8talk

We also want to remind you guys that you are a part of this community so if you have something to say please take advantage of our Fan Post and Fan Shot options. What you write could find its way to the front page of Peachtree Hoops.