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NBA Lockout: Chris Sheridan Once Again Says Not To Panic

Former NBA writer was one of the first people out there to show optimism that the NBA season would start on time. After today's disappointing session, Sheridan reiterates his stance and says that today's developments between the owners and the Player's Association was to be expected.

That is what always happens when the owners' and players' full bargaining committees get together. It is a total dog-and-pony show, and anyone who expected the sides to emerge today with a sense of optimism was fooling themselves.

Sheridan goes on to say that this lockout will be settled much like it was in 1999, with David Stern and Billy Hunter locked in a room together. The Players and the Owners are retreating to different locations to brief their contingents on the negotiations thus far with no more negotiations scheduled at this time.

While Billy Hunter emerged from the meeting spewing thoughts about losing half of a season, NBA Commissioner David Stern and his chief deputy were much more careful with their words.

First Stern:

Stern says it's "still our goal" to start season on time.

Then Silver on the Player's Association hard line stance:

Silver: "You don't hear us using terms like 'blood issue' and 'non-negotiable.' Frankly, we don't understand."

It is probably appropriate to point out that both sides have accused the other of not "negotiating in good faith" and have filed separate lawsuits with the National Labor Relations Board.

I will reiterate my disappointment from earlier today but perhaps Sheridan is right and this is all just part of the process. We are likely to have several more ups and downs before the clock ticks down to zero and schedule changes or cancellations are forced to happen.