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NBA Lockout: Derek Fisher Denies Making Optimism Spreading Comment

Shouldn't come as a real surprise but Derek Fisher took to twitter today to deny that he sent messages to players telling them to be ready in case the season started on time. When the comment was reported yesterday, it seemed as though it would just be a matter or time before Fisher had to answer a question publicly about it. Here is his response:

While the reports of my texts are false, I will say that I have & will continue to urge our players to stay ready for a season.

May it was an unfair conclusion that was drawn from the report of Fisher's texts sent to players. Obviously the Union would want its players to be ready in case a deal was struck. No matter the reason, it is not surprising that Fisher shot down the notion this afternoon. Negotiations are scheduled to resume this week with the full negotiating committees reported to be in attendance. It is thought that October 1 will be the last possible day for a deal to be struck to save all of the regular season.