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Peachtree Hoops Well Represented At Atlanta Hawks 4 on 4 Media Tournament


Peachtree Hoops will be well represented at the Atlanta Hawks media 4 on 4 Basketball Tournament on September 22nd as I will also be joining Jason Walker and dusting off my old Air Jordans and competing at Philips Arena.

The real twist in this event is the inclusion of a fantasy draft which will go live on later today and we are asking each and everyone of you to get involved as they have two really nice prizes for the winner and runner up.

I joked on Twitter about the Peachtree Hoops crew leading the tournament in career ACL injuries. In addition to Jason's recent injury, I myself have had an ACL surgery on each knee although my injuries occurred many years ago. I am long removed from my days as an everyday pick up baller but am still known to play every now and then.

As a player what do I bring to the table? While the knee injuries and age have robbed me of my athleticism, I am now forced to rely on a soft shooting touch and some old man post moves to get the job done. I am not promising success to anyone selecting me in the fantasy draft but will promise you that you will be getting my best effort.

Again we are shamelessly asking for support from you guys leading up to the tournament and expect several updates here leading up to the event.

Be sure and check out for the rest of our competition and many more features leading up to the tournament.