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Peachtree Hoops to Participate in Atlanta Hawks 4 on 4 Media Tournament


Alternate Headline? Blogger makes fool of self, SBNation by shredding his recently repaired knee trying to dial back the clock (unintelligible) years.

The Atlanta Hawks, proving themselves to being at the same time visionary and foolhardy, are going to open their doors to their trusty media types to provide the opportunity for the first ever Atlanta Hawks 4 on 4 Media Basketball Tournament on September 22nd.

And guess who took the bait? (Hint: It's the OMG-is-that-how-you-really-look-fellow sporting the cheesy grin in that spoof of a media photo.)

The Hawks are going to be hyping the event by having their participants blogging about both on their sites and on leading up to, during, and after the event.

They are also holding a fantasy draft online today for folks to mix/match what they feel will be the best team, with a couple of pretty cool prizes being provided for the fan who compiles the best team based on statistics they are actually going to keep from the game.

Check out today at noon to see who's playing, the statistical categories (sorry, Hollinger, no PER here), and put your team together.

Normally, I would be a rock solid pick for this draft. I could be had in the late round due to the physical build I've had since grade school (deceptively non-muscular) and my highly productive box score stuffing (rebounds, blocks, and assists galore).

However, in April I tore my ACL playing softball---a year after tearing my hamstring balling. Suffice to say, I'm getting old--and also suffice to say, Philips Arena better update its insurance with me (and other media) coming in to play.

The doctors say I can jog and run in a straight line....pretty much how I played anyway before the injury. I have watched footage of folks who shot baskets in the 1930's to master the set shot. And my passing/rebounding are skills burned into my very being.

In short, choose me at your own risk---It's unclear how the rebuilt knee will respond, even with a full wrap and a brace. But I will be passing, rebounding, and as most of you who read are already well aware of---I can't resist a blocked shot.

Hopefully, they won't be my shots being blocked.

Head over to throughout the day to check out the announcement of the event and to put your team together. I promise to rep the P-Hoops Nation to the best of my abilities----just don't judge me based on my cheeseball media photo.