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NBA Lockout: Did Derek Fisher Send Us Another Reason To Be Optimistic

Since meetings began between the NBA and the Player's Association last week reports have been positively optimistic about the prospects of getting a deal in place that would save the upcoming season and allow it to start on time. It was only natural that reports would surface that the two sides had actually made very little progress in those meetings. While that may be true, Derek Fisher reportedly gives us another reason for optimism.  

On the heels of Roger Mason's now-infamous tweet in which the NBPA vice president wrote, "Looking like a season. How u," but later claimed his account was hacked, one league source claims that union president Derek Fisher text-messaged numerous players last week indicating that some progress had been made and imploring them to be physically prepared just in case the season started on time.

Now this might not even be true or might have been taken out of context. The original report is from Sports Illustrated though although Fisher has not commented on the report. At this point I am looking for anything to be optimistic about after a summer full of reasons not to be. All I am saying is pay attention this week when the full negotiating committees from both sides meet as the outcome could tell us what direction this thing may go.