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NBA Lockout: Owners And Players Agree To Keep Negotiating

Could it be that a sense of urgency is quietly starting to creep into the negotiations between the NBA and its players? Both sides met on Wednesday for six hours and while neither reported any progress on the key issues both seemed to understand the damage that losing games would cause for everyone. 

David Stern didn't give much insight as to what was discussed in the meeting but added that there was still time for both sides to reach a deal before any portion of the NBA season had to be cancelled. He also said that both sides would continue to meet. 

The one thing that Derek Fisher added was that both sides agreed to stop taking shots at each other through the media. He also confirmed that more future meetings would be scheduled and that both sides would continue to negotiate. 

The reality is that we must now be excited simply because both sides have agreed to meet again in the future. It speaks to just how bad this situation truly had become but it is also encouraging to hear them talking about not wanting to miss any games. It is important that both sides recognize that no one wins when games are canceled.