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Atlanta Hawks To Be Sold To California Businessman Alex Meruelo According To Report

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Kind of ironic and fitting that I type this story from the Philips Arena media work room. According to an AP report, a controlling interest in the Atlanta Hawks is to be sold to Alex Meruelo who is the founder/owner of La Pizza Loco, a California Pizza chain. The deal will be announced on Monday according to the report.

AJC writer Mark Bradley had the opportunity to speak with Meruelo and certainly endured himself to the Atlanta Hawks fans with this statement:

"I’m a person who doesn’t give up," Meruelo said. "I want to bring a championship to the city of Atlanta."

We ultimately won't know what changes Meruelo will bring to the franchise for sometime. The lockout still has to be sorted out before we will start to find out if Meruelo is any different than the Atlanta Spirit group that has operated the club since 2004. However, as Bradley clearly states, it is unlikely that Meruelo will end up suing himself.