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Pape Sy Headed Back To France During Lockout

2010 second round pick Pape Sy has reportedly signed a deal to play with BCM Gravelines in France during the NBA Lockout. Sy's deal includes an opt-out clause which allows him to return to the NBA once the lockout ends. Sy joins Keith Benson and Magnum Rolle as Hawks players that are expected back with the team that have signed to play overseas during the lockout. Previously Hawks free agent forward Hilton Armstrong also signed to play in France in the early part of July. 

AJC beat writer Michael Cunningham weighs in on Sy:

The jury is still out on Sy with the Hawks. Presumably Sy could benefit from the youth/thrift movement that seems inevitable for the Hawks if only because the new CBA isn’t likely to provide the kind of relief necessary for them to round out the roster with high-priced vets even if the new owner were inclined to do so.

Whether Sy ever pans out into anything useful for the Hawks is debatable. However, he like Keith Benson, will no doubt benefit from playing rather than sitting on his hands while the lockout is going on.