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Hey, who's ready for some (fake) basketball!

It's been out there for a while, the previews of the NBA 2K12 due out in October. I love the series, and have been eager to watch as slowly, but surely, legends begin to trickle out so that you can play them in the 2K format.

Last year, it was Jordan. This year, Michael is joined by other legends, such as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. 

As for Hawks fans, the only way to play your favorite team is in the legendary matchups featuring Bird and Jerry West's Lakers team.

For the Bird matchup, we get the 1985-86 Hawks, which of course gives us the ability to see Dominique Wilkins and the 1971 Lakers team matches up with the blue and green Hawks team featuring uniform retiree Lou Hudson, Walt Hazzard, "Bells" Walt Bellamy, and of course, Pistol Pete Maravich. Scott Schroeder talked about it here, and Kotaku looks at all the non-legends in the game like this here.

Exit Question: What Hawk would you want to see (other than 'Nique) in this classic video game?

Those who know me know my answer: As a complete blocked shot freak, I need to have Dikembe Mutombo with the hugging Hawk uni on a team with Mookie, Smitty, and Plastic, complete with swinging elbows and the ability to hot key the finger wag. Oh yeah.