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Sergey Gladyr Out Of European Championship With Knee Injury

Per Mike Fratello's official blog, Hawks 2009 second round pick Sergey Gladyr suffered a knee injury and will not take part in the upcoming European Championships. 

Our team had a couple setbacks following the AeroSvit Friendship Cup. After the tournament Sergey Gladyr had an MRI that revealed a meniscus tear in his knee. Unfortunately he must undergo surgery to repair the damaged cartilage and will not be able to compete in the European Championship. A member of Bàsquet Manresa in Spain last season, Sergey can play both the small forward and two-guard positions. He is an excellent shooter who gave us athleticism and would have been either a starter for the Ukraine or the first sub off the bench.

In the grand scheme of things I am not sure how much this matters as there has been little talk to this point of Gladyr coming over to join the Hawks. It does rob Gladyr of the opportunity of playing for an ex NBA coach in Mike Fratello and the Hawks no doubt would have been observing his performance in the tournament.