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Al Horford No. 25 In The Point Forward Top 100

Al Horford rounds out the Hawks contingent of players in Zach Lowe's top 100 NBA players rankings over at the Point Forward. On Horford Lowe writes:

The next couple of spots feel like a demarcation line between very good, All-Star/All-NBA-caliber players and the best of the best, and Horford is right at that line. He is one of the best all-around big men in the game, but you can’t yet give him the ball late in the shot clock and ask him to create a good shot, either off the dribble or in the post. That is the next frontier in Horford’s game, and until he reaches it, he belongs on the bubble.

Lowe goes on to talk about Horford being a great teammate and his desire to win as all being pluses as well. Shot creation is the one area whether it is facing the basket or more preferably in the post where Horford needs to improve the most. If he could become an adequate threat in the post then along with his improved jumpshot would make him extremely a tough cover for opposing players. 

Just to recap the rankings a bit, Atlanta finished with three players in the top 35 and another free agent player in the top 65. However, none of their players were ranked in the top 25. Sound about right for a second round playoff team?