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David Lighty, Malcolm Thomas Reportedly Headed Overseas

As if we needed another reason to know why the NBA Lockout sucks. According to reports, both Malcolm Thomas and David Lighty won't be waiting around for the smoke to clear on the lockout instead signing with teams overseas. Ridiculous Upside reports that Thomas is headed for Korea while Inside Hoops reports that Lighty is headed to Italy to play in the Euroleague. 

David Lighty emerged from Atlanta's three day free agent mini camp as one of the likely targets of the Atlanta Hawks. According to the report, Lighty is set to sign a two year contract worth $300,000 and it does not include an NBA opt out clause. So if he signs this contract then Atlanta can pretty much mark him off the list for the next two seasons. 

It looks like Malcolm Thomas is headed to play for Mobis Phoebis in Korea for a salary of around $350,000. The report states that Thomas contract is for one season and there is no mention of an opt out clause for returning to the NBA. 

The hope in Atlanta was that the Hawks would fill the back half of their bench with some quality young players. As this NBA Lockout lingers on that may become less and less of an option. You can't really blame guys like Lighty and Thomas for not waiting around when they have the opportunity to make some guaranteed cash now without the uncertainty.