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Joe Johnson Sings! (and shows off major ice in the process)

<strong>Come and talk to me!</strong>
Come and talk to me!

From TMZ, Joe Johnson rocked the party with....karaoke. Oh yes, I know. I couldn't believe it either, but check it out.

The video doesn't get clear until about halfway through, but when it does---oh, wow---Joe is rocking him some Jodeci (Jodeci!) there in Little Rock.

Also clear is the watch he's wearing, glittering in the glow of Joe's not-so-bad singing. 

The story also indicates that Joe, much like he is on the court, is a generous dude with the tippage. 

Way to go, Joe!

Exit Question: Since now we know that Joe is a Jodeci dude, what karaoke would we guess would apply to the other Hawks? Josh Smith and the Pointer Sisters? Al Horford and Huey Lewis and the News? The possibilities are endless!