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Lawrence Frank, Not Mike Woodson Reportedly Choice For Pistons

Continuing our theme of ex-Hawks employees. Adrian Wojnarowski reported yesterday that the Detroit Pistons are poised to offer their head coaching vacancy to Celtics assistant Lawrence Frank. This is significant because the other front runner for the job was former Atlanta Hawks coach Mike Woodson

Both Frank and Woodson were in Minnesota last week to interview for the Timberwolves vacant position. Given that T-Wolves GM David Kahn has stated that he wants his team to play at a much faster pace this season, Woodson seems like an odd fit for that job although his experience guiding young rosters could be a plus. Reports persist that Woodson is still in the running and with Kahn who really knows?

While not a report, SI's Chris Mannix suggests that if Woodson doesn't get a head coaching gig, that his name will pop up as a potential replacement for Frank in Boston as an assistant to Doc Rivers. Mannix sites Woodson as a defense first guy while also being a proven guy at developing young talent although Acie Law may disagree with him on that point. 

Whatever your opinion of Woodson, his resume looks pretty good with the improvements the Hawks made during his tenure. I would like to see him back in the league and I think it is unfortunate that he got passed over in Detroit although Frank is probably the better overall option.