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Etan Thomas Likely Headed To Spain Next Season

Very similar story to the Mo Evans one earlier this week. Former Hawks center, (if you can call him that) Etan Thomas is reportedly headed to Spain next season. His reasoning can be left up to debate. Thomas' agent says that his client is seeking employment overseas because he doesn't think the lockout will end this season. 

While that is certainly a possibility, Thomas even less so than Evans isn't likely to draw a ton of interest from the NBA when the lockout ends. I am sure he has concerns over whether the lockout will end or not and if he waits he may miss out on an opportunity overseas but lets be real. Etan Thomas was likely headed overseas next season lockout or not if he wanted to continue to be paid for playing basketball.

My intent is not to sugarcoat this lockout because there is a real threat that next season may be lost. Still I think there is some gamesmanship from the Player's Union to show that its players have other options than the NBA. I doubt that losing Etan Thomas to Spain is sending shock waves through the NBA owners.