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Potential Atlanta Hawks Sale Still In The Works, According To Report

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I have held off posting this frankly because I am tired of these unnamed potential buyer stories that have been coming steadily since the departure of the Thrashers to Winnipeg . The AJC reports that there is a potential majority buyer for the Hawks and Philips Arena and that talks are moving quickly although an offer hasn't been made yet.

The people familiar with the situation, speaking exclusively with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, would not identify the potential bidder because of confidentiality agreements, but described the process as moving fast. They said no offer or exclusive negotiating agreement is in place but that the potential bidder, who might have partners, has the financial wherewithal to complete a transaction.

Personally I have no doubt that this club will sell eventually and that the Atlanta Spirit are likely to keep a minority stake in it. Depending on the buyer, that could be some really great news for the Atlanta Hawks. Forgive me if I don't get overly excited due to the ongoing labor strife in the NBA. I will check back on these things when they actually do matter.