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NBA Lockout: Maurice Evans Fielding Offers From Overseas Clubs

I know what you are thinking. So what if ex Hawks player Mo Evans is considering offers from overseas clubs for next season. The story would likely be a footnote if not for Evans being the current vice president of the NBA Players Association.

Their two different ways to look at this. First Evans could be looking out for his future because at age 32, he may attract more lucrative offers from overseas clubs than those coming from the NBA. Second, it could further be a signal of the long road both the Players Association and the NBA owners have to reach a new CBA deal.

Personally I think that Evans considering overseas offers was probably something that was going to happen lockout or not. Evans has previous experience playing in Greece and Italy before getting his shot in the NBA. Considering his status in the Player's Association, it is easy to understand why this could be perceived as a bad thing.