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NBA Lockout: Players, League To Begin Negotiations July 22

According to a report by Bloomberg News, the NBA owners and players will have their first labor talks on July 22 which is nearly three weeks since the imposed lockout began. Neither NBA commissioner David Stern nor the head of the Player's Union Billy Hunter are expected to be in attendance at the meeting. 

The meetings this week are expected to lay the ground work for future meetings.

Staff members from both sides also met on July 15 to discuss issues not specifically related to the labor negotiations. The discussions this week are expected to center on topics related to the system the two sides are playing under, such as the cap on player salaries.


Following the owners’ 10-year proposal disclosed by NBA Commissioner David Stern on June 21, Hunter said those terms placed the two sides more than $7 billion apart.

As a fan I want these guys locked in a room 24 hours a day until some kind of agreement is hammered out. Realistically neither side is going to budge until we get a lot closer to losing games and paychecks from the recently released 2011 NBA Schedule