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Jamal Crawford Also Drawing Overseas Interest

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According to the agent for Jamal Crawfordthe free agent guard is drawing interest from teams in Europe and Turkey. Crawford's agent Aaron Goodwin says that his client would only accept such a deal if it includes an opt out clause where he can return to the NBA once the lockout is over. 

"So far in the conversations for Jamal Crawford, teams have shown [both a] reluctance and a willingness to have that clause in there," Goodwin said. "Obviously, we would never pursue it without a clause being in there where the player can opt out."

I think there has been a certain misconception about the NBA potentially losing players to overseas teams. Yes that is exactly what happened with undrafted guys like David Lighty and Malcolm Thomas but it simply isn't going to happen with the established stars. Players like Deron Williams, Zaza Pachulia, and Jamal Crawford may very well play overseas during the lockout but they are going to return as quickly as the lockout is over.