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Monta Ellis Anyone?

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Buried deep inside Michael Cunningham's latest blog entry is this nugget about the Golden State Warriors discussing trade options for guard Monta Ellis with several teams including the Atlanta Hawks

Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle reports: "League sources said the Warriors also have discussed [Monta] Ellis, among a variety of other players, in trade talks with Atlanta, Chicago, Memphis, Orlando and the Lakers."

Let me stress that it is just a rumor and it is highly unlikely that any moves or decisions will be made until after the CBA is sorted out. However, I am throwing it up here for discussion. 

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Ellis in theory could replace Jamal as the sixth man scorer off the bench but it is likely to take more than spare parts to acquire him. Ellis is owed 33 million dollars over the next three years and there is no idea as to whether or not he would be open to the idea of coming off the bench. 

For that matter alone, I agree with Cunningham. 

it’s always hard to know exactly what to make of "trade talks." But I can’t think of a reason why the Hawks would be interested in Ellis

Since things are slow around here in the way of Hawks news lets play this game. 

Simmons says the Warriors are looking for defensive help and want a big guard, a swingman and a post presence (and who doesn’t want one of those?). For what it’s worth, J.J. is a big guard who also can be a swingman, and Josh is a good defender who can play the 3, but look at the Golden State roster and tell me if there’s anyone the Hawks need/want?

Have a look but there isn't a lot there to get excited about beyond Steph Curry who is not going to be moved if the Warriors move Monta Ellis. Keep in mind the thinking in Golden State about moving Monta has to do with having two small guards starting in the backcourt. 

I just don't think this rumor has legs.