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SBNation has the lockout and pending free agency covered


It's great to be a part of the SBNation. 

Even as basketball staggers into labor lockout and the two sides seemingly taking their time on the path to a deal, there are two basketball items posted today on SBNation that should be read.

The first is a labor update/review from Tom Ziller, who offers an eye-opening "what-if" regarding the most recent David Stern offer to the players. Said eye-opener takes us back to 1999, and shows that, if the players had signed then what Stern wants them to sign now, it would have been a complete game changer for both sides. In doing this, Ziller provides us clarity as to how way-off the proposal is and, indirectly, how much further there is to go on a settlement.

The other is a look at the upcoming off-season, which is postponed at the end of today until a new CBA structure is in place. Mike Prada takes readers through the following categories:

  • What the five teams with lowest payrolls may do
  • The 10 best unrestricted free agents
  • The five best unrestricted free agents
  • Possible "Amnesty" casualties that could become Free Agents
  • Potential Trade targets
  • Some moves contenders should make

As for Peachtree Hoops? If/when this offseason gets underway, we'll be ready with the 2011 (and 3rd annual) version of this free agent scoreboard, which tracked all the free agents from the beginning of and throughout the most historic free agent class ever. Here is look at what the scoreboard was as the season neared.