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Instant Reaction: Hawks select Keith Benson with the 48th pick

With the 48th pick of the NBA Draft, the Atlanta Hawks select......Keith Benson from Oakland.

No, there was no big deal (yet at least) sending Josh Smith away for a high first round pick in this draft, nor did the Hawks make any move to take advantage of anyone moving down the draft boards.

What they did do is sit back and snag  Benson with the 48th pick of the draft.

There were thoughts that the Hawks would take advantage of one of the big names, like Josh Selby, that slipped down, but it looks like the Hawks had their minds set on a big and they got it.

UPDATE: From DraftExpress:

Keith Benson, who at 6-10 without shoes with a near 7-4 wingspan, 9-1 1/2 standing reach and massive hands is everything the NBA dreams of in a big man prospect. Benson needs to add a good 20 pounds to his lanky 217 pound frame, but has a nice build that should fill out in time, especially considering his late bloomer status.

From DraftExpress.com    

UPDATE: From Chad Ford, ESPN


  • Long, lanky big man
  • Excellent athlete
  • Runs the floor really well
  • Good quickness and leaping ability
  • Good shooter with range out to 18 feet
  • Lacks strength and toughness
  • Not a great motor, takes plays off
  • Can't defend his position
  • Lack of strong competition



More to follow.