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The NBA Officially Pulls The Plug On Vegas Summer League

After emerging from a five hour bargaining session between the players and owners, NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver emerged and told reporters that the Vegas Summer League would be canceled as a "function of the calendar". While some progress was reported in Friday's session, the two sides don't appear to be anywhere close to a deal.  

With the lockout slated to begin on July 1, free agency will be pushed back until after a new CBA deal has been reached. While under the lockout, teams won't be allowed to have any contact with players and won't be able to sign rookies from the 2011 NBA Draft. 

While summer league could be viewed as somewhat of a novelty for the basketball junkie, it provided in many cases a first look at rookies and international prospects. During last season's Vegas summer league, Hawks fans got their first look at Pape Sy, and Sergey Gladyr. Gladyr returned to play in Spain while Sy had a stint in the D-League with the Utah Flash while sticking with the Hawks for the entire season.