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Joe Johnson Among Sports Illustrated's Fortunate 50

Sports Illustrated released its fortunate 50 countdown of the top paid athletes across all major sports and Atlanta's Joe Johnson checks in at No. 43 on the list. Johnson made a little over $16.5 million last year when combining his Hawks salary with the money he gets from endorsements. 

Tiger Woods came in at No. 1 totaling a whopping $62 million with Phil Mickelson close behind. LeBron James takes the No. 3 spot at $44.5 million. Other NBA players in the top 10 are Kobe Bryant No. 6 ($34.8 million), Kevin Garnett No. 7 ($32.8 million), and Dwight Howard No. 10 ($28.6 million). 

While no one will consider Johnson's contract a bargain especially after signing the max extension last season, consider that these players are all still ranked ahead of Johnson in this year's list. Vince Carter No. 27 ($20.5 million), Rashard Lewis No. 29 ($20.3 million), Michael Redd No. 34 ($ 18.5 million), Gilbert Arenas No. 36 ($17.6 million), and Kenyon Martin No. 40 ($16.7 million). 

No doubt Johnson will be moving up this list over the course of his brand new contract.