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Ziller: Jeff Teague Continues To Impress Against The Bulls

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An underlying sub plot to the Atlanta Hawks attempt at escaping the second round of the playoffs has been the play of Jeff Teague. People are starting to take notice as the little used guard has taken the second round by storm. All Teague did was follow up his solid Game 1 performance with a team leading 21 points and three assists in Game 2. SB Nation's Tom Ziller took notice following Game 2

The second-year point guard thrust into the starting lineup due to Kirk Hinrich's injured hamstring has played remarkably well in two games. He hounded MVP Derrick Rose all over the floor in Game 1, and was Atlanta's top scorer (by a mile) in Game 2. Teague racked up 21 points on 7-14 shooting with three assists and zero turnovers. Rose shot just 10-27 and had eight turnovers to 10 assists. 

Whatever the outcome of this series with Chicago is, Hawks fans have reason to be excited about Jeff Teague and the coming out party he has enjoyed. After all this is the league MVP that Teague is playing against at both ends of the floor. Teague's arrival to the rotation will have a ripple effect on the Hawks heading into this off season as well as next season and begs to ask the question. Why did it take so long for him to get on the court?