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Derrick Rose Reportedly Has a Grade 2 Sprain Of His Left Ankle

Depending on who is doing the reporting, Derrick Rose either has a significant ankle injury or none at all. One thing is certain and that is that Rose will suit up and play in Game 2. Whether or not he is hampered by his injured ankle is a matter of debate. CSN's David Kaplan reports that Rose had an MRI on his injured ankle and it revealed a Grade 2 sprain. 

Sources told me that Rose suffered a Grade 2 sprain of one of the main ligaments on the outside of his ankle and it could affect his mobility for Game 2 on Wednesday evening.

Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk says that a Grade 2 sprain usually leads to a lot of swelling in the ankle but also reports that Rose participated in practice today and he did not experience any swelling. Obviously Chicago is not going to let on if Rose is being bothered by the ankle. 

Helin also points out that it is clear that the ankle is bothering Rose

Rose shot 49 free throws in the three playoff games before he first sprained his ankle in Game 4 against the Pacers. In the last three games it is 11 total, trips to the line, including zero in the Bulls Game 1 loss to the Hawks.