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NBA Playbook: Atlanta Gets An Easy Bucket Late

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NBA Playbook's Sebastian Pruiti breaks down a quick hitter that the Atlanta Hawks used with an eight point lead coming out of a time out with just 1:44 left in the game. 

This play was at a very key point with the Bulls having just cut the lead to eight. At this point Atlanta needed a quality look at the basket. In this play, the Hawks took advantage of the Bulls trying to help on Joe Johnson and Al Horford slipped straight to the basket. 

The result of this play stopped Chicago's momentum and despite Atlanta's sometimes shaky execution, the Hawks have been pretty solid the entire season coming out of time outs. This was yet another example of that. Over the rest of the series, Larry Drew is going to have to get creative in helping find Al Horford and Josh Smith some easy opportunities to get involved in the offense. It remains to be seen if Chicago will attempt to single cover Joe Johnson again in Game 2 as much as they did in Game 1.