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Mark Travis Breaks Down Jeff Teague's Defense Of Derrick Rose

The Game 1 victory was only one win but it has Hawks fans everywhere buzzing. Amongst the biggest story lines coming out of the Hawks 103-95 victory over the Bulls was the play of second year guard Jeff Teague. Going into the game there were many questions about how much he would play and how effective he would be when he did get time. Teague no doubt rose to the occasion and Larry Drew gave him the much needed playing time to be successful. 

Mark Travis of But The Game Is On Blog breaks down some key instances of Teague's match up with Rose. 

Rose finished the game shooting 11-of-27 from the field and two-of-seven from beyond the arc. Rose took 27 shots and scored just 24 points, which is a perfect model for an inefficient game if I ever saw one. Teague is responsible for the majority of those 16 misses. Teague defended Rose in a very simple sense: he got a hand up on all of his jumpshots, he fought through on screen and rolls and he kept his body attached to Rose on all of his drives, only letting him go when the help defense had arrived to contest his shot.

Later in the article, Mark breaks down eight different possessions where Teague was matched on Rose. Be sure and check out the entire article.