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Peachtree Hoops Says Thank You

While it is never fun to end a season it does give me the opportunity to hand out some much needed thank you's to people that make covering the Hawks and writing at Peachtree Hoops a lot easier.

The first thank you goes out to none other than our own Jason Walker. My one year anniversary at Peachtree Hoops is rapidly approaching and I want to say thanks for him asking me to write at the best Hawks blog on the internet. Secondly I want to thank all of the visitors that we have at Peachtree Hoops that make each every story that we post a success by leaving comments that push the conversation further. The Game Threads here are excellent and you guys show a relentless amount of dedication.

A huge thank you goes to the Hawks PR Department of Arthur Triche, Jon Steinberg, and Jason Roose for allowing Peachtree Hoops access whenever we were able to take advantage of it and for always keeping us up to date.

More Thank You's

Micheal Cunningham and Ken Sugiura of the AJC who tirelessly work the Hawks beat.

Steve Holman for being the best radio broadcaster in the business and on a personal note for making me welcome on media day.

Bob Rathbun also for his tireless dedication to the team on the TV side of things.

Bret LaGree of Hoopinion and William Sevidal of Soaring Down South for also providing most excellent coverage of the Atlanta Hawks.

Our SB Nation Atlanta colleagues of Phil Foley and Jason Kirk. Phil for not looking at me as just a blogger and Jason for showing me the right way to do this job.

Hoopsworld's Lang Greene and Hoops Addict Jerel Marshall whom I met at media day and had a great time seeing throughout the season.

Last and most certainly not least, big thank you to the Atlanta Hawks players and coaches for simply giving us something to write about and be a fan of.