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2011 NBA Playoffs: Hawks Lose Game 6 - Instant Reaction

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Quick Thought: (to the tune of U Can't Touch This) Ba da da dum-da dum-da dum. It's over.


Go back in the archives and pull up any embarassing loss, read the tendencies, and picture them instead of a regular season game that they claimed meant nothing and put it in the context of the most important game of the year on their own home court.

Silver Lining:

I am open to suggestions.

From the Ledge:

Another second round loss. Get closed out at home. Hard not to be negative and put on a happy face. The Hawks spent draft picks, hundreds of millions of dollars to win THIS YEAR. And this is the result. 

I'm frustrated. And unless the lockout provides a reset to the Hawks financial situation, it doesn't get better than this year.

Maybe next decade.