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NBA Playbook: Atlanta Finding Success With Late Quick Hitter

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You may recognize the play because NBA Playbook spotlighted the same exact play in Game 1. Sebastian Pruiti takes a look at the play that the Hawks ran immediately following the inadvertent whistle and jump ball that was won by the Hawks. 

Pruiti notes that Atlanta used this same exact play in Game 1 in nearly the exact same situation. 

Now, the question that has to be asked is why does this play keep working.  Is it because the Hawks noticed Joakim Noah hedges too far out off of pindowns?  Is it because the Bulls are willing to gamble that Josh Smith won’t make the right pass time after time?  Either way, it is awesome to see Larry Drew see a play work in game one, take note, and have his guys run it again to see if it would work.

If game five is as close as game one or game four, you can expect to see the Hawks run this play.

Another thing to watch as this series unfolds.