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2011 NBA Playoffs: Kirk Hinrich's Hamstring Improving, Still Doubtful For Return

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Coming into the series with Chicago, Kirk Hinrich's hamstring injury was the most popular topic. After all he was acquired to help Atlanta match up better against the league's quicker point guards like Derrick Rose. The emergence of Jeff Teague however, has rendered Hinrich as the forgotten man. An AP report updated the status of Hinrich who is apparently getting better but still is doubtful for the Chicago series. 

Hinrich says he's only doing "very simple" exercises but feels his hamstring is getting better. When asked if he could possibly return in this series, he says, "I don't want to rule anything out."

Jeff Teague is averaging 16 points and almost four assists per game in the second round series against Chicago and has only five turnovers total. Kurt Helin predictably takes a shot at the Hawks saying that Teague is likely hearing footsteps already. Helin hasn't pulled many punches with Atlanta this season but he does raise a valid question. I don't expect to see Hinrich during the Chicago series even if it goes seven games but if the Hawks do breakthrough and Hinrich is healthy enough to play, then how does Larry Drew shake out the minutes in the backcourt?