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Instant Reaction: Wizards Motivated, Hawks Rudderless

Quick Thought: The Wizards played as if winning mattered and the Hawks have mailed it in two games in a row.


Play the folks who are motivated to play, please. It's a lot more interesting for the viewer. More crazy Pape Sy, more Jeff Teague, please. 

There is no other way to describe Pape Sy's game---it's crazy. High speed, unidirectional driving to the basket. Whether the ball goes in the basket is irrelevant, only the rescue of the princess matters.

Al Horford looked like he was two steps slow, then he wasn't, and then he was gone for the game. Fare thee well, Al.

Dominique and Bob hammer Jeff Teague for every single mistake he makes, while ignoring the same for the vets. They even said that Teague was getting caught up in the 1 on 1 game. Really? That's a critique on this team? Sounds like he's just trying to fit into the playing time paradigm in the ATL,

John Hollinger said at the time of the soon-to-be-disastrous Kirk Hinrich deal about Hilton Armstrong, "should make Jason Collins and Josh Powell feel good about themselves in practice." I have finally seen enough to understand.

Jordan Crawford got the Joe treatment tonight, getting handled from the field, but managing a slew of assists (8). Joe posted him up early, but the Wiz doubled fast. And since passing out of the double is an issue for Joe, and the Hawks as a team don't move the ball well even after the ball comes out to burn the double team, the Hawks left that strategy alone.

Hurry up, playoffs. We need some good basketball....if there is any left in this team. Let's hope.