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NBA Playbook: Staggered Ball Screen Leads To A Lay Up

Sebastian Pruiti is back and this time spotlighting a play the Hawks used to score a lay up against the Celtics. I remember watching this live and thinking about how much of an excellent pass it was but Pruiti shows you how Al Horford gets open off the ball. If you have a desire to learn more about Basketball X's and O's and are not checking out NBA Playbook daily, then you are missing out. 

We have discussed the topic several times but Hubie Brown had an interesting take on it during Friday's game. When asked what Larry Drew could do to keep Josh Smith off of the perimeter, Brown replied that coach Drew should call set plays that took Smith into the post paint area whenever he seemed to be drifting to the perimeter too much. 

This brings up an interesting discussion that I want to discuss here. One of the criticisms of a coach like Avery Johnson is that he practically calls a play or a set every single play up the court. Other coaches allow their teams to get in more of a free flowing rhythm. I really haven't watched just how many times the Atlanta coaching staff signals in a play call. I know that it happens frequently but an exact answer would likely have to come from the staff itself. 

Exit Question: Do you think that coach Drew should take even more control over the offense by calling more sets?