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Mike Bianchi: Orlando Will Now Find A Way To Beat The Atlanta Birdbrains

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Orlando Sentinel writer Mike Bianchi thinks that Orlando's Game 5 victory over the Atlanta Hawks was significant and is predicting an Orlando series win. This is really too good not to quote. 

Watch now as Orlando turns the Atlanta Hawks into the Atlanta Birdbrains.

He elaborates:

It's going to happen just as sure as the weather in Orlando this summer will be sunny and hot with a 60 percent chance of afternoon thundershowers. The Magic are going to win this series and the Birdbrains are going to fold up and collapse like a $5 lawn chair. You know it, I know it and deep down in the lonely recesses of their fragile minds, the Birdbrains know it, too.

I am sure that Larry Drew appreciates this as Michael Cunningham tweeted that each Hawks player found a copy of this article in their lockers today. 

#Hawks players had printout of @BianchiWrites "Atlanta Birdbrains" column in lockers today.    

For a team like Atlanta that sometimes lacks motivation, this could be just the lift they need.