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Jamal Crawford's crooked dagger has folks buzzing

I have said it many times.....there is nobody, absolutely nobody I want taking some c-razy end of the quarter/half/game shot than Jamal Crawford. If this were the 1980's, there would be some VHS tape of Jamal dropping shots like the one that silences the Magic in Game 3 to a series of Pointer Sister tunes.

First, here is the clip as part of a Jamal montage from (Warning: Magic fans should not watch this video as it inspires massive head shaking and verbal spewage)

Other folks have also had some takes on Jamal's late game madness as well...check them out:

First up, SB Nation Atlanta celebrates.

Then, NBA Offseason notes the absurdity, calling Jamal's shot brainless.....

...and links to Orlando Pinstriped Post's Evan Dunlap's Lit and Basketball, which has the philosophical angle covered.

Finally, Royce Young on CBS' Eye on Basketball concurs with Jamal's history of ridiculousness.