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Atlanta Hawks News And Notes Following Game 2 Defeat

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William Sevidal of Soaring Down South reminds us that this is still anyone's series. 

This game is hard to judge.  One can say the Hawks could have easily won this game but one can say the Magic could have easily blown this game out. All I know is that I doubt anyone can say who will win this series just based on this game and who has the momentum going into Game 3.


Bret LaGree of Hoopinion is not a fan of Larry Drew's decision to deploy Josh Powell just three minutes into the game. 

No team deserves to win a playoff game when they put Josh Powell in before three minutes have passed. If that misappropriation of resources (and even categorizing Josh Powell as a resource seems wrong)

Al Horford talks about sitting out the entire first half. 

"It is tough. I was out of rhythm by the time I came in the second half. It took me a while to get going. It’s one of those things. The team played well but we missed some shots."

Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post gives an Orlando point of view to Larry Drew's frontcourt rotation:

Indeed, the way Drew doled out his frontcourt minutes will come into question here. Leaving two end-of-the-bench types alone to fend with the league's best center is one thing, but benching one's own best player for almost the entire first half is another. Al Horford picked up his second personal foul just 2:10 into the game, which prompted Drew to pull Horford for the rest of the half. The trickle-down effect it had on Atlanta's rotation left it without a reliable offensive big man. On a night when Johnson (6-of-15, 14 points), Marvin Williams (1-of-6, 4 points) and Kirk Hinrich (4-of-12, 9 points) struggled to produce from the wings, Atlanta needed another scorer.

Eddy Rivera says that defense was the key to the Magic's victory.

The key in the Magic’s win was the defense. There were times when Atlanta had their way offensively, especially in the fourth quarter when they made their run. But the third quarter is an example of the type of suffocating defense that Orlando is capable of displaying when everyone is engaged. The Hawks scored 12 points in the period.