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Atlanta Hawks News and Notes From Orlando Game 1

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Links and quotes following the Hawks 103-93 Game one victory over the Orlando Magic

A Zaza Pachulia quote from Michael Cunningham's post game blog entry:

"I am sure like us they are going to see what they can do better but it doesn’t matter for us," Zaza said. "We know individually what we can do. If we play together for 48 minutes I think we should be in good shape. We are going to have a chance to win the series if we play just like today. Together, help each other defensively, share the ball. It was beautiful to watch our team."

Have to agree with everything Zaza says. This team is beautiful to watch when they play the correct way.  

Jeff Schultz says that these Hawks surprise us yet again:

Turns out there is hope after all.

So this is what it feels like.

Quoth Josh Smith, "We played with so much passion and desire, we willed this game."

I know what you’re thinking. But it could be the up-and-down Hawks actually might do something special this postseason?

Expect nothing. Just let this mystery continue to unfold.

Sound advice

Michael Cunningham compares last night's Hawks to the regular season Hawks

The Hawks flipped the switch. Suddenly guard Joe Johnson looked like a five-time All-Star again. Jamal Crawford found the form that made him last season’s Sixth Man of the Year. Kirk Hinrich showed why theHawks traded for him in February.

Andrew Melnick of Howard The Dunk talks the Magic's defense:

As Stan Van Gundy correctly pointed out after the game, Orlando’s lack of any scoring outside of Howard and Jameer Nelson (27 points) wasn’t their biggest problem. Defense was the major issue for the Magic. Orlando’s perimeter defenders were awful on the defensive end. The Hawks, who have regressed on offense this season, managed to score 103 points on 51.4% shooting. They also hit six timely three-pointers and outshot the Magic from the free throw line.

Eddie Rivera of Magic Basketball talks match ups:

The Hawks, right now, have three clear matchup advantages. Johnson, Smith, and Horford can do whatever they want offensively without much troubles. When Crawford is in the game at point guard for Atlanta, he scores but Nelson torches him defensively. Likewise, even though Hinrich did the best job of containing Nelson, that’s still a matchup in Orlando’s favor when Nelson plays to his capabilities, like he did in the second half.

Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post still has a positive outlook for Magic fans:

Having said all that, the Magic did manage to get some great looks for Jason Richardson (4 points, 2-of-8 shooting, 41 minutes) and J.J. Redick (4 points, 2-of-6 shooting), but they didn't fall. Orlando had a chance to win this game, and I wonder if it were to be played again, with each player on both sides getting the same exact shot attempts, if the Magic would prevail. You'll forgive me, I'm sure, for not trusting that Crawford and Smith will continue burying long jumpers late in the clock.

SB Nation's Tom Ziller (who by the way predicted an Orlando sweeprecaps the Hawks surprising offense:

Atlanta, a below-average offensive team, shot 51 percent from the floor and saw two guards, Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford, go over 20 points on 50 percent shooting or better. For Crawford, much of that came on long jumpers. But J.J. ventured into the paint, drawing fouls and scoring on several short jumpers. That doesn't usually happen against Dwight. Did all that offense he created wear him out too much?

Johnson venturing into the paint for the remainder of the series will probably have as big an impact on whether or not Atlanta can win this series. 

Rob Mahoney of Pro Basketball Talk predictably rains on the Hawks parade:

Consider the Magic’s counterparts: the Hawks had five double-digit scorers, all of whom shot 50 percent or better from the field. That’s not exactly the type of team-wide performance we should expect from Atlanta for the duration the series, but at the very least the Hawks have more players capable of functioning as self-sustaining sources of offense than the Magic do. 


Seriously when was the last time the guys on this site had anything good to say about the Atlanta Hawks?