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Instant Reaction: Heat 98, Hawks 90

Quick Thought: The starters were far, far less interesting tonight. And the Heat nearly blew it.

Rapid Fire:

Josh Smith came back, and we were instantly annoyed with his jump shots and turnover. Still, good to have you back.

The bench players brought the team back from 20 against the Heat starters and took the lead in the fourth. It took Josh Powell being Josh Powell for the Heat to get the lead again. Hilarious.

Watching LeBron strut after hitting a layup to put the Heat up 98-90 was also hilarious. Dude, you guys nearly got smoked by Jeff Teague, Damien Wilkins, Jamal Crawford, Josh Powell, and Zaza Pachulia. Your playoff strut will be short with that kind of effort. But, hey, anyway, nice job.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas got Zaza'd in the fourth when Pachulia made a physical layup and Big Z spun around and fired the ball at Pachulia's back. He connected, but got tossed for his accuracy. You have to laugh.

Tell the truth, Rick Sund, Mike Bibby totally looked better than Kirk Hinrich tonight---at both ends. 

Irony was on display as Bibby blew by Hinrich multiple times on his way to the hoop. And the Hawks decided it was best not to do the same to Bibby on the other end, despite the fact that his deficiency in that area was why the Hawks felt they needed to deal this years #1 (Crawford), next years #1 (cheap, under financial control labor), and swap Mo Evans for Hilton Armstrong (hee hee) to "upgrade" at the point. 

Here come the playoffs!