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NBA Standings: Hawks Prepare To Close Out Regular Season



Eastern Standings

Chicago Bulls 80 60-20 .750
Miami Heat 80 56-24 .700
Boston Celtics 80 55-25 .688
Orlando Magic 80 50-30 .625
Atlanta Hawks 80 44-36 .550
New York Knicks 80 42-38 .525
Philadelphia 76ers 80 41-39 .513
Indiana Pacers 81 37-44 .457

Tonight's game doesn't have a great deal of meaning for the Atlanta Hawks unless of course you count going into the playoffs with a little momentum important. The performances over the weekend suggest that momentum might not be that high of a priority for the players involved. The game however bears a great significance on the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics who are locked in a battle for the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. 

Atlanta Remaining Schedule: Tonight Vs. Miami, Wednesday @ Charlotte

The race for the No. 2 seed:

Miami Remaining Schedule: Tonight @ Atlanta, Wednesday @ Toronto

Boston Remaining Schedule: Tonight @ Washington, Wednesday New York

The No. 2 seed isn't the only spot still up for grabs as Philadelphia and New York enter the week with just one game separating themselves at the No. 7 and No. 6 slots. 

The race for the No. 6 seed:

New York Remaining Schedule: Tomorrow Vs. Chicago, Wednesday @ Boston

Philadelphia Remaining Schedule: Tonight Vs. Orlando, Wednesday Vs. Detroit

For the Hawks, who should we be pulling for? Boston or Miami? Personally I will be putting my Celtics distaste to the side and will be pulling for a victory tonight especially if it hurts LeBron James and company. Some interesting match-ups remain as the Knicks clearly have the toughest road playing both Chicago and Boston. However, they probably only need one loss from Philly who plays Orlando tonight.