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Washington Wizards 115, Atlanta Hawks 83

What can really be said about a game that one team seemed like they had no interest in playing. I understand the resting players for the playoffs so not to pick up an injury in a meaningless game. However, are games truly meaningless? Can a team overcome a 115-83 beat down to one of the third worst teams in the conference and simply put it out of their mind once the playoffs start? No disrespect to the Wizards because during last night's game they appeared to be the team that was headed to the playoffs and the Hawks were the ones counting ping pong balls.

You can sum up these last two games with one stat. Atlanta has been out rebounded by a count of 97-69 in losses to Indiana and to Washington. They have allowed 30 offensive rebounds in the last two games. If that is not enough ugliness for you, Atlanta has turned the ball over 32 times in those two losses. 

The losing streak has now reached four games and it seems that the competitive edge is gone. They have succeeded in dialing back the starters minutes but I question if they were going to give a throwaway effort, then perhaps they should have sat all of the key players. Certainly Joe Johnson and Al Horford are banged up as any player that has logged as many minutes as they have has bumps and bruises. What did Johnson and Horford get out of playing in these last two games? More questions than answers. 

Stats only because I feel obligated to, Al Horford recorded a double double with 21 points and 10 rebounds. Joe Johnson added 16 points. I find it rather telling that even with Josh Smith out Marvin Williams can still only find seven shots scoring eight points. Jamal Crawford chipped in 13 points on 5-10 shooting. 

Pape Sy came off the bench for the second straight game and scored seven points. Sy was 2-4 from the field and 3-3 from the line. He also committed two turnovers. 

Before someone points this out, I know this is a less than stellar recap but I feel like I put about as much energy into it as the Hawks did into their game with the Wizards last night. Who knows? Maybe this team is smarter than all of us and can flip the switch once the playoffs begin. We will find out next weekend.